Conil de la Frontera is placed in the unique enclave in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain and Europe. It looks like a fantasy, but it has its reason. The village leaned on a hill has to its feet a beach of 17 kilometres of blond, thin, clean sand, westwardly a few peaceful coves of rocks and facilitated accesses, doing of the landscape a jewel. All this on the banks of the Estrecho de Gibraltar, near to the conjunction of the waters of the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean, there they begin the tunas to spawn and where the tuna fisheries are placed for its fishing.
In clear days, especially with North wind, the blue mountains of Africa appear in the horizon, Morocco the nearby distance is the motive of the arrival of small boats and of sad disembarkations. Conil de la Frontera has its reference in the famous book: " De civitatem orbis terrarum, descriptio ", 1461. Where it is translated from the Latin in interior pages. " Conil Hispanic famous city for the fishing of the tuna and noble … " The denomination of “de la Frontera” owes to the frontier situation among Moors and Christians during the so called Reconquest. If it was modest this seaworthy beauty, Conil de la Frontera, has a municipal area with a famous garden with beautiful forests of pines of an extraordinarily flora with tasty mushrooms and also wild orchids. Summer is the date of Spanish and Europeans to meet in Conil de la Frontera, but spring and autumn are a paradise for the wise visitors who are familiar with the temperature and the days of the Sun of the zone; even in winter the smoothness of the climate and generally of the sea. Some day they will discover this winter landscape to enjoy the privileged place, now only tasted generally by Germans and wide-awake Spanish..